Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some links from cyberGoa

Some links stumbled across in cyberspace -- Psytrance/Goa page.... rather neat photo of "rice paddy" (i.e. paddy fields) in Goa which seems to be around Cortalim... the Konkani Catholics blog with a posting about a copy of the recently-published Konkani bible accompanying a petition to the President of India... a link about a poverty "decline" in Goa which says "following adoption of new yardsticks by the Planning Commission for identifying people below poverty line (BPL), Goa has witnessed a big drop in the number of BPL families" (see here)...

Also: Anil P's lyrical description titled Though Goa by Konkan Railway ... and Kusum Rohra's four day account of a holiday in Goa Get Away at Goa.

A quote: "Have you guys ever wondered how can anyone be as silly as I am, well honeys its all in my genes. I called up mom and asked her what she would want from Goa, and she in a very eager voice tells me “'Er I want a kashmiri kaach ka kaam kiya hua Salwaar kurta'.I just couldn’t stop laughing and I was like 'MOM! This is Goa, I can get bikini, skirts, trousers,hats, shell artefacts et al for you, you don’t get any salwar kurta here'."

And another: "The food at the shacks like I mentioned was too greasy, we tried food at three shacks, and mind you the food in all the shacks tastes same, food at Titos and Britto was good if not great. The desserts at Britto were amazing, a must try. A very dear friend tells me (albeit a little late ) that food at Al Cove, at vagator beach is yum n yum, its on a height, overlooking the beach."

Another nice photo of Vagator. Monsoons?

This is Time Out Mumbai assistant editor Iain Ball who has this interesting take on two very diverse kinds of football supporters he encountered in Goa.

Goa night in Singapore? Check this out. Quote: "Regardless of their age, Goans are amazingly chilled-out people. Even though my friends and I had brought down the average age of that party by a little, some of the people there effortlessly outdid us in terms of energy and dancing skills. When I looked at this 40-something couple dancing, I could see that it was not just the band's music that kept them going, it was the music in their spirit which made them so lively. And I'd seen that music in the spirit in every Goan I'd encountered during my Goa trip in 2004."

Michael Comglas on Intercontinental the Grand Resort Goa One of the Most Exquisite on Talpone (sic) River. Advertising? Exquisite indeed. Sure the fishermen and villagers fenced out woudl agree!

Mixed feelings about this blog entry. Quote: "Let me be frank for one moment – I’ve never been too excited by Goa. It was always, yeah, okay. It’s got a great culture to soak in, particularly the old buildings and the Portuguese influence – the beaches are nice, though not fantastic. I’m partial to the pristine Thai beaches that take ages to get to, but the opportunity to sleep in a nice beach shack (with attached bathroom, of course) right by the beach, hear the waves crashing while you try to sleep, and to be in a bikini 24 hours a day, is always welcome. Whether it’s Koh Phi Phi or Palolem...."

Here's yet another tourist blog. Yaaaaaaaaawn.

Finally a reminder about a new Jazz Goa site, that can be visited here at