Saturday, March 27, 2010

Games: Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB - Refurbished

March 26, 2010 11:17 pm
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Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB - Refurbished

  • This is a refurbished Xbox 360 Pro console
  • 20 GB Hard Drive
  • 2 Wireless Controllers
  • Sleek set-top design with horizontal or vertical placement option in a white finish
  • Customize your Xbox 360 Dashboard, Guide, and Gamer Profile with content from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Product Description
The Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system places you at the center of the experience. Xbox 360 ignites a new era of digital entertainment that is always connected, always personalized, and always in high definition.Xbox 360 gives you access to the games you want to play, the people you want to play with, and the experiences you crave—when and where you want Product Description
Xbox 360 sets a new pace for digital entertainment. Mor… More >>

Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB – Refurbished