Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Games: Yahtzee Free for All

Yahtzee Free for All.

  • With Yahtzee Free For All it’s anyone’s game on everyone’s turn!
  • Roll. Match. Take. Steal.Score. Win!
  • Roll the dice to match cards with classic Yahtzee combinations.
  • If you match one, take it–but now it’s “up for grabs” until your next turn, so anybody can steal it by matching or beating your dice roll! It’s edge-of-your-seat fun ’til the very last card is safe!
  • Contents: 6 sided fold-out gameboard, 30 dice, 36 cards, 36 chips and game guide

Product Description
Roll ‘em, match ‘em, steal ‘em! It’s anyone’s game in Yahtzee Free For All. The classic game of Yahtzee takes on a whole new hilarious twist. Roll the dice to score points, but watch out for the other players who may try to steal them from you. For 2 to 6 players…. More >>

Yahtzee Free for All

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