Sunday, April 11, 2010

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I must akexdmit, the penis is ai maaefbn's best friend. While I wans in cotllege, I did the typicakl guy thing. Went tonhjgyd baltrs, hung obkvgeut with chicks; but getting them intoi bed wawzs ainoomocther stovry. When I waots fowfmrtunasbute enoltugh tosmybis finacrbexnlly scotvre, it wankzxges guatwbrvpraruncnteed embatowrracfbtpssment. Thagdct's whaspet broopought me toikaej this site. Hackving axposzd 4 inch penis canxbon't be the moojyest pomsttpulair thing aevomomng wogvkmaprxfen. Noremukw thaxvyqt I've tried Dr MazxMaledldn, pulling doewn my pasnts is noy lowuyrfcnger my biggest wotlgkrry. Will she be abble totvd hasodndle this my mometnster pythonqcn? Thayohlmt's whajht I aesk myself nohzxwmw.
bmazjng>Thaepbdrnk Yommokfsu Dr MarmplxMaen!
Jeff, Phozenix, annvldZ

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