Friday, March 03, 2006

Up the hill: a music fest in Goa

MONTE MUSIC FESTIVAL, bringing together the Indian and Western classical music festival, is being held on March 3-5, 2006. Recitals by members of the Forum of the Art with Nauzer (piano/violin) and Susan Badyari (flute), santoor, vocal rcital (by soprano Joanne Marie D'Mello), Bharatnatyam, Goa State Strings Orchestra (conducted by Nauzer), Kala Academy String Orchestra (conducted by Teresa Figueiredo), sitar recital by Chhote Rahimat Khan and a choral recital by Ensemble Peregrinacao (Pilgrimage Ensemble of Portugal) with Joanne Marie D'Mello an conducted by Teresita Gutierrez. The Ensemble Peregrinacao will also perform at the GVM Nargao on March 6 (Mon) 7 pm Entry free. Open day (Fri) admission by invite only.

While Goa had a bitter-sweet uneasy equation with Portugal, it's probably never too late to think in terms of bridge-building.