Saturday, July 08, 2006

Under renovation

Under renovation
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Dabolim is currently in a state of renovation.

Like other airports across the country (including Delhi), Goa's seems
to be in a perpetual state of renovation. Is this a good sign? Is it a
mark that our expansion plans are all so short-sighted, and it's the
contractors who gain the most with this perpetual break-and-rebuild
policy? Is air travel really booming, now with the (somewhat) low-cost
players coming in? Even if this is true, what happens to global
warming? Can Indians, South Asians and Chinese ever dream to begin consuming like North Americans and West Europeans? Wouldn't that send the planet on a tail-spin, as they say?

PS: Goa must be one of the few airports in the world which lacks decent public transport to its airport. Either you add further to pollution levels, or opt for the slow-moving bus.