Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blackpool, Benidorm ... No, it's just Baga!

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yogamad * Posted on: 5:05 am, March 20, 2006: I'm planning a trip to a resort called Villa Goensa in Baga Beach for yoga and ayurvedic pampering. Does anyone know if i've picked a good spot for relaxation? Thank a lot! Goanluv * Baga beach has turned into the Blackpool/Benidorm of Goa -the beach is so crowded with sun beds, the hawkers a constant stream and the roads are manic.with shopkeepers either side screaming look at my shop come and buy! Have never noticed Villa Goensa hope it is away from the madness and that you enjoy. If not sanity is only a short taxi ride away further North or South so dont let my negative report put you off too much and if your ayurvedic pampering is booked at Villa Goensa one would hope the ambience is included. bazchops * Yorkshire. UK (3105344): Getting a bit worried by your descriptions of Baga as I've booked to stay at the Sun village which in the brochure says "In a peacefully secluded hillside setting, this comfortable all-inclusive hotel will appeal to the discerning traveller". The descriptions of the surrounding Baga area also do not make it sound like the Blackpool /benidorm of the Arabian Sea. We spend a lot of holidays in Corfu but always go to the quiet NW corner, purposefully staying away from the Blackpool/Benidorm party areas in the SE. Have we made a huge mistake in our selection of resort in Goa? Your help/advice is much appreciated. Scott TriuumphNed * Coventry, UK (3121835): The Sun Village is in a quieter area away from the main resorts, but only a short taxi ride. But nowhere is really that noisy. I find this constant "just like Blackpool" moan very irritating. The majority of people coming to North Goa choose it because they want the bars and nightlife, while still experiencing some aspects of Indian life. Very few places have loud music after midnight, and every where (apart from Calangute's main road) still has a chilled feel to it with friendly people around, both local and tourists I was in Baga in November and Blackpool in January and i had no trouble telling the two apart! Gemma1 * Blackpool is cold and grey, Baga is hot and sunny! I wouldn't worry too much about it bazchops, you really need to try it yourself and make your own mind up. We only visited Baga for the day but I preferred it to Calangute which was really manic and I found the top end of Baga near the river quite picturesque. Like you I love Greece but find Corfu a bit too commercialised, I prefer the islands you can only visit by ferry. Visiting Goa is an experience and I'm sure you'll have a great time - just go with an open mind. Goanluv * Triumph Ned i think you will find that those who compare Baga to Blackpool have been going to Goa for many years and have seen such an unpleasant change from a small fishing village to a now very commercialised tourist area. Whether you are in a position to agree or not you cannot deny it is not a peaceful relaxing atmosphere, it is manic and I for one wont go near it. Yoga mad dont worry if your resort is on the outskirts you are away from the madness. As a first time visitor let us have your views when you return Enjoy Minnie9 * We have been going to Baga since the early nineties. It is busy ,I cant deny it but it bears no resemblance in any way shape or form to Blackpool! Goanluv * Minnie having never been to Blackpool can I explain it is not a comparison maybe I should have said Benidorm but am sure someone else will contradict me on that too. What I am saying is Baga is manic it is full of tourists and very few original locals, it is full of people trying to make money out of tourism I apologise for using the word Blackpool if it offends....