Thursday, January 18, 2007

WilliamDrums... and three MP3s

WilliamDrums aka William D'Souza <williamdrums at> is a well-rated drummer, going by what prominent fellow musicians say. He recently sent me three MP3 files. Interesting stuff!

The first is called Blue Fuse and was performed on Guitar Jaggi that is broadcast from BPLRadio Indigo. It involved the work of Chennai based bassist Prakash David and Mapusa-based Williams on the drums. It's a live recording done at the M.F. Hussein's Art Gallery in Bangalore during 2004

Next was Demo Five, another version of Dave Brubeck's Take Five. Says William: "What I've done is I've sung a different tune on the same chord structures with me using my musical toybat to recite my Indian format and also playing drums with Jaggi Guitarist and Prakash David on bass."

Finally, the third is called Evergreen, and is from an album by Gerard Machado's Network, released by BMG Crescendo. Musicians involved were Gerard Machado on the guitair, Freddy Melville on piano, Prakash Hule (nephew of Gerard Machado, presently in the US as bassist) and William himself on drums soloing on the song using "Indian carnatic style konnokol (rythum spoken)."

He also mentioned a CD of his performances with international bands that came down to Goa, back in 1979-80, called the Anjuna Jamm Band.

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